Testers:  Written testing is (by appt) at 5pm on Tues and Thurs.  Skills testing is Sat mornings (by appt) 9am/10am.  You must bring your own cycle.  We do not rent cycles for testing.  No practice time is provided.  One test per day is allowed.

Students: CLASSES START AT 8AM and include testing at the end of the day.  Motorcycles are provided for your entire class and the testing.  (Basic and Intermediate Classes only)


REFUND POLICY: Your payment is for a specific appointment and is non-refundable.  We do not “reschedule” or give refunds if you are late, do not attend or do not complete  for any reason.


The following information is for students who are taking an all day class with us:

LATE ARRIVALS/EARLY DISMISSALS:  To successfully complete the course, you must participate in all scheduled classroom and range portions of the class.   If you MISS any portion of the class, you will not be allowed to continue.  No refund will be issued.  You will not be rescheduled without paying the tuition fee again.  WE START CLASSES ON TIME.  Make sure you are there!

RESCHEDULING: If you find that you will be unable to attend your scheduled class, we may be able to reschedule you at no additional charge, provided there is availability.  We need at least 5 days notice to reschedule your class.   You may also give your seat to a friend or family member, with notification to us in advance.  Seats must be used the same calendar year.

REQUIRED APPAREL:  You are responsible to bring your own gear for class.  This includes a long sleeve shirt and/or jacket, long pants, full-fingered gloves, over the ankle boots appropriate for riding and eye protection.  Converse and Uggs are not permitted.  If you are unsure about your gear, we are happy to pre-approve your apparel.  Many students choose to bring backup boots, gloves and eye protection. Without the appropriate gear, you will be dismissed from the class and forfeit your tuition.

MOTORCYCLES/SCOOTERS: We provide motorcycles for the Jumpstart, Basic and Intermediate class.  Personal cycles/scooters may be used, with advance permission.  Other classes require the student to bring their own motorcycle.  All personal bikes used in classes must pass a basic safety inspection and be in good working order.  Proof of ownership (or written permission) and current proof of insurance are required.  Refunds are not issued due to safety inspection failure, mechanical or electrical problems, running out of fuel, etc and not having the required documents at the beginning of class.

LEARNERS PERMIT:  A motorcycle learner’s permit is not required to take a class.  However, if a personal motorcycle or scooter is being ridden to the class; a permit is required to legally operate on public roadways. Or you can truck or trailer your bike to class.

BEING EXCUSED FROM THE CLASS:  Students are given every opportunity, within the limits of class time to learn and improve their skills, but any student deemed unsafe, whose operation of the motorcycle could result in injury to themselves or others will be excused from the remainder of the class. If a student demonstrates they are physically or emotionally unable to ride a motorcycle safely, or if a student falls or drops the motorcycle twice, the student will be asked to leave.  This decision is at the discretion of your instructors and is only used when absolutely necessary.  As stated above in our refund policy, tuition is non-refundable.  To schedule for the same class, or a different class, you will be required to pay a tuition fee again.  In some cases, students may need remedial training and should consider registering for a different class to receive the proper training based on their particular skill level.

CANCELLED CLASSES:  Class sessions are subject to rescheduling due to conditions beyond our control. In most cases classes continue even through inclement weather. If, in the interest of safety, the class needs to be postponed or cancelled for any reason, that decision will be made by your instructors. Additionally, a class may be cancelled if enrollment is below the minimum number of required students and you will be rescheduled at no additional charge if a class is cancelled for either of these reasons.

TESTING (INCLUDED WITH A CLASS):  Students must complete and pass both a written and riding skills test with Spokane MotorSchool during their class to receive a course completion card/motorcycle endorsement waiver, regardless if a written or riding skills test was already taken with another agency.  Your tuition fee does not guarantee a passing score.  A passing score on the knowledge test is 80% or better.  A passing score on the riding skills test is 85%.  The completion card is valid for 180 days. Take your card to the DOL to have your motorcycle endorsement added to your license.  The card itself is NOT a motorcycle permit or endorsement.

RE-TESTING:  Students who do not receive a passing score are allowed one RE-TEST at no additional charge within 90 days from your original class date.  This is for either Written and/or Riding testing.  Most riding tests are done with another class, when they are ready to test.  Please contact the office to schedule retesting or for more information.