Cornering Class


Have you ever had a defining moment while cornering? Are you a new rider that wants to have a better understanding about what to do while cornering?

This class provides riders the opportunity, at any skill level, to become more proficient at riding a motorcycle in corners. Whatever you ride, you will learn smoothness and finesse in cornering while gaining the necessary skills to turn more effectively despite road hazards and distractions that occur on every ride.

What does the class involve?

  • Body position
  • Power of the look
  • Hazards in corners
  • Responding to peripheral input
  • Corner steering
  • Throttle steering
  • Maintaining your line and speed with brakes
  • Ignoring, yet recognizing the distraction
  • Looking beyond the rider


Who should take this class

Any rider of any level that is wanting a better understanding of bike control and a stronger understanding of where to look in order to make better choices while cornering.