Private Lessons


Motorcycles Available / Helmets Available

Private lessons are tailored 100% to fit each student’s needs.  Use your own bike, or use one of ours!  Practice exactly what you want to, when you want to.  Our professional motorcycle safety instructors will give you the tips and techniques you need to dramatically improve your riding.  Call today for more information and to schedule your private lesson!

Often students who have never been on a motorcycle before are nervous or unsure that they want to commit to a 16 hour Basic Rider Class. Consider taking an hour or two of private lessons with one of our professional instructors. This a great way to build some confidence and get comfortable with our training bikes before taking the Basic Rider Class. Another option is to sign up for our JumpStart Class, where you’ll learn just the basics in a safe, controlled environment with a few other students.

Students who complete the Basic or Intermediate Class but do not receive a passing score on their riding test often just need more practice.  Our certified Instructors will coach you to success in the skills you want to practice to make sure when you re-test, you’ll get a score you can be proud of!

Got a new motorcycle and just not confident on it yet? Brush up on your skills and get the professional tips and coaching that you need during one on one time with an experienced motorcycle instructor. It could be that your bike needs some small adjustments to fit you better, or you have forgotten the technique needed. We are here to help you meet your goals 100%.

Never taken a class and just want some help with…..? Maybe turning around in tight spaces has always been a struggle for you, or trying to back up that big touring bike. Need help knowing the correct way to pick up your bike if it falls over and there is no one around to help you pick it back up? We can help with that too! Maybe you know your emergency stops could be a lot better, or you are going to start riding with a passenger and don’t want to be wobbly or embarrass yourself, no problem! Going to a rally and want to enter a contest? Need help winning your event? We can help with that too!


Private Lessons are $100/hr with a one hour minimum. Please contact the office at (509) 326-6181 for more information or to schedule your lesson. You may request any of our instructors, but please be aware, some of their schedules are every limited.

Get some one one one help and tips with a private lesson.