On-Street Course (OSC)


For 2 and 3 Wheeled Endorsed Riders Only
Motorcycles NOT Provided


Who Should Take This Class?

The On Street Course is designed for those with some riding experience and wish to build their skills and learn better control on their own bike on the street with a professional instructor.

This class is excellent for those who want to improve their skills, especially after parking lot training to help transition into riding in traffic and identifying potential hazards in real time. This course is also perfect to assist the experienced rider in identifying areas that could use improvement or to become aware of habits that may have developed over time.

Class Description:

Discussions are held in the classroom and concepts introduced using audio visual materials and handouts. We identify our goals and discuss risks and riding behaviors and techniques. Students are fitted with radios, helmet to helmet communication equipment and safety vests. Students use their personal motorcycles which will be subject to a safety inspection; proof of liability insurance and ownership (current registration) must be presented, then a short riding test to evaluate each student’s ability to safely handle their motorcycle.

We ride 3 routes during this class: rural, city and freeway with safety stops along the way to discuss ideas, techniques and topics introduced earlier in the day.

Please note: There are no refunds and no rescheduling once class begins. Please ensure your motorcycle and battery is in good condition as well as your electrical system; before class begins. We don’t want you to experience mechanical problems during the class!

Cost: $165

Walk-in students are accepted. Please arrive early and if there is a seat available and you have the required paperwork and riding gear you will be accepted into class. If our schedule shows the class as “full”, you may still get in if a registered student does not show up. Tuition fee is required before joining the class..