Class Comparison Chart

JumpStart Basic Rider Intermediate Rider On Street Cornering
Cost: $75 $125 * / $225 $145 $165 $99
Riding Experience Needed: None None or very little Basic level skills (starting, stopping, shifting, turning). Intermediate level skills Intermediate to Experienced skills
Time: 1 day(about 3 hours) 2 days(about 16 hours) 1 day(about 8 hours) 1 day(about 8 hours) 1 day(about 5 hours)
Motorcycle: Included Included Included or Yours Your bike Your bike
Endorsement Testing: No Included Included No No
Schedule View Class Dates View Class Dates View Class Dates View Class Dates View Class Dates
Permit or Endorsement needed: No No Permit (if riding your own bike) Endorsement Endorsement
Classroom Range Included: 3 hrs range 6 hrs classroom 10 hrs range 3 hrs classroom 5 hrs range 3 hrs classroom 5 hrs range 5 hrs range
This class is for: Brand new riders who have no experience at all. Designed for students who are nervous, want a slower pace and to achieve better success in the Basic Rider Class. New riders who want to learn the basics and pick up new skills without any trouble. Also designed for riders who haven’t been on a bike in a while and want a total refresher course or who have never taken a class. Current riders who have some experience with the basics and want to get their endorsement but don’t have a street legal bike. Perfect for dirt bike riders transitioning to Street Riding. Current riders who want to improve on their own bike on the street with professional instruction.  Helps to identify habits and creates better rider awareness and skill level. Current riders who are ready for more advanced cornering techniques. Particularly good for sport bike riders and riders who want to better understand traction, cornering and control.

*This subsidized price is only for WA State Residents over the age of 18 and seats are limited.  

If you have any questions please contact Spokane MotorSchool and we will help you chose the best class for you!